The Story Your Data Is Trying To Tell

The power to target, monitor and research plans and service providers, to reveal hidden trends,
gaps, outliers regarding performance, fees, capital flow and relationships.

some core features


DC/DB Retirement Plans Intelligence
Sponsor, plan, consultant, product and advisor views on retirement data and analytics.

Sales Data and Asset Flow Analytics
Identify gaps, trends, volatility and outliers in your own sales and asset flow data.

Interactive Reporting & Dashboarding
Develop and publish on-the-fly interactive dashboards tailored to market and plan strategies.

Directory of Contacts
Contact information and emails of senior officers at sponsors, consultants, managers and vendors.

Relationship Maps
Shows implicit preferences and gatekeeper relationships between vendors.


Data Preparation
Extracting, normalizing and integrating structured and unstructured data from multiple sources. Compiling references to plans and product names to a single root.

Public, Foundation and Endowment Plans
Access, manipulate and visualize data on over 4,000 U.S. public plans and 15,000 endowments and foundations.

Data Analytics & Visualization
Personalized data mining - manipulate over 110 variables with simple drag & drop functionality.

RightPond Enterprise Appliance
Addressing your enterprise data security and integration needs.

CRM Bi-Directional Integration
Integrate the Data and Analytics Modules into your CRM, and pull specific data


When company was found

500 k

DB & DC Plans

5 days

Data is refreshed

1 mil

Investment Strategies

How Asset Managers use Rightpond

Target advisors by market, product, plan, asset, zip codes.

Associate plans with over 340,000 registered advisors through CRDs.

Commingle with additional sets of data to generate full picture
of advisor profiles.

Satisfy the “know your client” rules.

Pull advisor data into their CRM.


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