RightPond’s cloud-based technology accelerates the processing and organization of financial data,
and delivers to users Business Intelligence tools to target, benchmark, research, and prospect.

Interactive Reporting & Dashboarding
Built for Data Discovery.

Create, customize & share interactive dashboards in minutes with simple drag & drop tailored to sales, market and plan strategies.

Create key performance indicators, iterative “what-if-scenario” analyses and visualizations from mash-ups of diverse metrics and data sets, by manipulating over 110 variables with simple drag & drop functionality.

Challenge your own data on-the-go with the most daunting queries – much faster than you could with any spreadsheet or statistics package.

Sales Data and
Asset Flow Analytics

This interactive dashboard identifies gaps, trends, volatility and outliers in sales and asset flow data. The first dashboard shows the distribution of sales based on selected measure— assets under management, revenue, sales, and more. It also offers four other related views, providing insight into top advisors, regional distribution, trends over time and product category. For deeper understanding, you can drill down into the underlying data from this visualization and access in-depth information on the target data set.

These self-reliant dashboards can be configured and branded to suit any specifications.

CRM Tri-Directional Integration

RightPond offers three levels of Salesforce integration:
  1. Integrate the RightPond Data, Analytics and Contacts Modules into your CRM.
  2. Pull specific data sets from the RightPond Data, Analytics and Contacts Modules into your CRM contacts, accounts and opportunities.
  3. Analyze your own sales performance and progress to get a holistic view of your prospects, sales pipeline, accounts, and sales performance, and provide your sales, channel, and executive teams with customized dashboards on performance.
  • Use analytics at every step of the sales process for prospecting, lead and opportunity management, pipeline coverage, and account management.
  • Access dashboards from any browser or tablet.
  • Blend CRM data with demographics, quotas, market stats, and calculations
  • From the big picture, click to see the details and underlying data.
  • Import Salesforce extracts into a fast in-memory data engine.
  • Set permissions for data source, workbook, and dashboard access by role and group or for individual named users.
  • Mash up with data from other sources

Data Preparation

Extracting, validating, normalizing and integrating structured and unstructured data from multiple source is the key to RightPond’s ability to produce rich and relevant data on a timely basis.

RightPond’s data normalization preparation technology for the DC/DB sector accelerates the compilation of multiple references of plan and product names to a single root. By applying data normalization to the DOL Form

5500 filings, users, for instance, do not have to deal with the:

  • 503 name variations for Fidelity
  • 307 name variations for BlackRock
  • 183 EIN numbers used by Wells Fargo
  • 8 ticker symbols for the total mutual fund exposure to the PIMCO Total Return Strategy
Data Normalization can be applied to any data set including sales and asset flow data provided by record-keepers.

The key to RightPond’s efficient and timely BI Analytics is its ability to normalize data as it flows in.

RightPond Enterprise Appliance

The RightPond suite can be delivered as an enterprise solution.
  • Create and customize information portals and self-reliant dashboards without heavy development to empower stakeholders at all levels of your organization.
  • Address your need for data security
  • Combine data sets and metrics from multiple sources
  • Integrate into your CRM