The power to focus

RightPond puts in your hands the full power of customizable data-mining to reveal gaps, trends, outliers and
risk signals regarding retirement plan performance, fees, capital flow, relationships and best practices.

Data Module

The RightPond Data Module provides insights into the DB/DC retirement universe from four perspectives.

Plan View
  • Asset, liability and funded Status
  • Net Asset EOY
  • Participants, contributions and benefits payments
  • Total vendor Fees
  • Investments by Assets
  • Plan Trends
    • Asset Allocation
    • Asset vs. Contributions
    • Asset Allocation
  • Break-down by asset class
  • Fully searchable auditor reports and Form 5500s
Product View
  • Total invested assets
  • Plan types
  • Plans using product
  • Search by ticker symbol
Sponsor View
  • Assets, fees and plan types
  • Trends
    • Plan Assets vs. Fees
    • Plan types
    • Key metrics
  • Top vendors • top investments
Vendor View Vendors by Fees
  • Vendor trend indicator
  • Vendors by fees
  • Total AUM
  • Total direct fees paid
  • Plan types using a vendor
  • Trends:
    • Vendor AUM vs. Direct Fees
    • Vendor filtered by Assets
  • Significant relationships between vendors revealed


RightPond subscribers can now access, manipulate and visualize data on over 4,000 U.S. public plans and 15,000 endowments and foundations, including investment line-ups on 1,450 U.S. public plans, 1,500 endowments and 3,200 foundations, with aggregate assets under management in excess of $7T.

Data points include sponsor and consultant contact information, placement policy, manager rosters and target asset allocation for public, foundation and endowment plans.

Analytics Module

  • Set personalized and tailored search variables
  • Create regional views
  • Visualize the data in several formats
  • Highlight opportunities
  • Export results to Excel / CSV files / PDF
RoghtPond Analytics Vizualization

Dashboard Module

Deliver to target users self-reliant interactive dashboards tailored to market strategies based on roles and tasks.

Contacts Module

Directory of contact information and emails of senior officers at sponsors, consultants, asset managers and vendors.

In addition, you can pull directory listings from the RightPond Contacts Module, into a personalized target list or into your CRM, such as Salesforce.

RightPond Contact Module

Relationship Maps

Maps uncover statistically significant correlations in relationships between vendors and asset managers.

The Relationship Map will highlight vendor-manager relationships that are more prevalent than others in the industry. The Maps point to implicit connections, preferences and gatekeeper relationships.