What sets us apart

RightPond is the embodiment of our deep understanding of retirement plan structures and strategies, as well as our expertise in the design and development of Business Intelligence tools for better targeting, benchmarking and transparency.

RightPond is a BI Analytics platform and not a data base-driven system. This immediately sets us apart from our competition since we afford users access to a more sophisticated analytics engine with a greater range of analytics features and functionality.


RightPond was developed in 2012 by Rocaton Investment Advisors, a leading institutional advisor, as a benchmarking tool to help their institutional investor clients become more efficient at setting strategy and measuring risk. Rocaton brought in two data scientists from IBM Research to tackle the daunting task of harnessing massive sets of structured and unstructured data. They created a data extraction, normalization and analytics platform which has been extensively used by Rocaton. The two data scientists, James Rhodes and George Kang assumed leadership roles with RightPond.

In early 2014 RightPond was created to commercialize the platform. During 2014, more than 350 beta users provided valuable feedback before its market roll-out in November 2014.

BI Expertise

RightPond leverage best-in-class technology and algorithms from industry, big data, business intelligence and text analytics. RightPond’s development of cutting edge data extraction and normalization technologies, as well as the application of artificial intelligence algorithms makes it the most advanced platform on the market for plan strategy mining and analytics.

Press Releases


Providing Public, Foundation and Endowment Plans Data for the Institutional Retirement Industry.

RightPond has entered into an exclusive partnership with FINsearches. RightPond’s agreement with FINsearches includes a long-term content and co-marketing agreement under which RightPond will integrate FINSearches’ public, foundation and endowment plans data within RightPond’s DC and DB Business Intelligence platform.

RightPond subscribers can now access, manipulate and visualize data on over 4,000 U.S. public plans and 15,000 endowments and foundations, including investment line-ups on 1,450 U.S. public plans, 1,500 endowments and 3,200 foundations, with aggregate assets under management in excess of $7T.